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Advertise on is owned and operated by Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. Vertical Alliance Group provides a completely different approach to online lead generation and conversion. We strive to provide you with people who are intersted in buying homes.

Our process insures you'll receive only high-quality leads from people who want to buy from you. We don't necessarily want to send you the most leads, but we do want to send you the best. This model helps make your recruiters more efficient by eliminating time wasted on unqualified applicants.

Our Advanced Marketing works for several reasons. We provide...

  • a unique, proven, and reliable process that enables you to attract and convert more leads for less money
  • a complete front-end and back-end solution that covers every aspect of your lead generation program
  • a Testing and Tracking module that allows you to measure and maximize the response to any ad, not just on our site, but in all of your advertising

We offer several advertising packages to fit your specific needs (or budget). For more information please contact us at the number below.

Toll-free: 877-792-3866, x 106

Basic Classified Package Details


  • Single 20-line plain text in-column ad linking to full-page full-color solo ad

  • Application with Exclusive Micro App

  • Toll-Free Phone Number for Applicants

  • Weekly Performance Reporting

  • Monthly Phone Support

  • Call 877-792-3866 ext. 106

In-column Classified Ads link to Full-page Solo Ad

Application with Exclusive MicroApp
Your application or lead form will capture any pertinent information you need from your prospect to help you qualify effectively. We also include our MicroApp to give you a unique advantage over ordinary Internet leads.

Toll-Free Phone Number for Applicants
There are some people who still aren't comfortable entering personal information online. For that reason, we provide a toll-free number, at our expense, that gives your visitor a second option for contacting you.

Weekly Performance Reporting
Our success is dependent upon your success. We want to help you achieve better results - every week. Our Performance Report will detail the effectiveness of your ad.

Weekly Phone Support
Our Customer Support department doesn't just wait around to put out fires. We'll call you every month to review your Performance Report, debrief your primary contact about what's working and what isn't, and consult with you to make sure you're getting the most out of your Vertical Alliance Group ad.

Toll-free: 877-792-3866, x 106

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