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Sunny Hills

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High school is a name used in some parts of the world, and particularly in North America, to describe the last segment of compulsory secondary education. It is preceded by primary education. High school is also the name used to describe the institution in which the final stage of compulsory education takes place. In the United States, high schools generally consist of grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, although the inclusion of grade 9 varies by school district.
Sunny Hills is located in Fullerton, California. Sunny Hills High School, established in 1959, is located on 42 acres, surrounded by rolling hills and upper middle class homes. The student body draws from an attendance area made up of educated, success oriented, multicultural families from the cities of Fullerton and Buena Park. In its forty-three year history, Sunny Hills High School has become known for its high academic achievement.
The campus is fed by four elementary school districts mainly by the Fullerton School District and the Buena Park School District with some students coming through district open enrollment from the Lowell Joint and La Habra City School Districts. Sunny Hills High School serves about 2290 students. The biggest special needs category at Sunny Hills is the gifted and talented program. The IB, International Baccalaureate program at Sunny Hills High School is the largest program of its kind in California, based upon the number of students enrolled in the program, and the number of diplomas earned each year.
A 1997 survey sponsored by the California Department of Education, using criteria such as dropout rates, the completion of academic requirements for admission to the University of California, ranked Sunny Hills as one of the top two high schools in Orange County. Sunny Hills was honored as a California Distinguished School in both 1988 and 1994. The school and staff have a strong belief in the potential of all students and assume that every student can be successful and learn.

At Sunny Hills High School, their mission is to provide the best possible educational and growth experiences for all students at all ability levels. The school’s policies and practices are designed to support the values of respect for others and self, personal responsibility, good citizenship, wise decision making, participation and accountability.

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