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San Marino High School

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High school is a name used in some parts of the world, and particularly in North America, to describe the last segment of compulsory secondary education. It is preceded by primary education. High school is also the name used to describe the institution in which the final stage of compulsory education takes place. In the United States, high schools generally consist of grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, although the inclusion of grade 9 varies by school district.
San Marino School was renamed as H.E. Huntington School in 1918. By the 1890’s, a larger school was required to accommodate the increasing population in San Marino and surrounding areas. Then by 1917, San Marino had grown enough to separate from adjacent areas and form their own school district. By February, 1918, the school initially named San Marino Grammar School was opened to serve 41 children. Later the school was re-named Henry E. Huntington School after San Marino’s first citizen. Loren Kleinrock is the Principal of the school.
San Marino is a small suburban residential community northeast of Los Angeles. The internationally renowned Huntington Library is located in the city, and Caltech is nearby. San Marino schools benefit from partnerships with both institutions. SMHS is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges through the Focus on learning process. This school’s Ethnicity is 71 percent Asian, 24 percent White, 5 percent other etc.
San Marino High School will provide a safe environment both physically and emotionally for all students and adults. All members of their educational community will demonstrate respect for each other. Students will respect educators for the effort educators make to help students succeed both in and out of school. Educators will respect each student as a unique individual with unique needs and abilities
As the San Marino Unified School District has entered the 21st Century, they continually face many significant challenges and are committed to maintain the San Marino tradition of academic and co-curricular excellence. The athletic department at San Marino High School is committed to teaching student athletes the principals of fair play, good sportsmanship and quality citizenship.

The mission of the school is to create and maintain a learning environment that fosters in students the ability to make choices based upon well reasoned strategies; to develop the capacity to respond and adapt to changing circumstances and environments.

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