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Templeton Modular

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Templeton Modular was founded in 1987 by Edward J. Faneuf. The company is located in Massachusetts. With 16 years of industry experience, Templeton Modular provides the best modular home designs and the best time tested staff and building techniques. Through their commitment, experience, and expertise, the company has established a business relationship with their customers that will last a lifetime.
The modular construction technology of glue nailed covering and decking with redundant framing members makes a modular home a safe place to hang your hat if you live in cyclone country. Modular homes are built to survive nature's onslaught. The frame works of today's modular homes matches or panelized units because modular homes are engineered for safe use in each of the particular geographic region where they are sold. Modular homes may be the safest on the market because of the federal laws requiring smoke detectors, escape windows and fire resistant materials around heaters and kitchen ranges.
Templeton modular unit uses the strongest of all construction methods based on the 2 by 6 platform framing system. Usually, modular units are over built so that they can be hauled on wheels over roads to get to the site and so that a crane can lift them off the wheels and place them on a foundation. Their modular construction is strong enough to withstand forces like earthquakes.
Templeton Modular homes look extremely good, and in many cases, better than anything that can be built on-site. Some manufacturers are producing spectacular mansions of over 10,000 square feet. Modular units can be finished with stucco walls, tile roofs, and exterior design features so that they become impossible to differentiate from on-site designs. 

Their staff is not only responsive to your requirements but they also actively work to give you with the most excellent service. They reward and promote talented, enthusiastic individuals who are happy in their work and will be inspired to work with them.

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