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Royalty Custom Modular Homes

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Royalty Custom Modular homes have over more than 40 years of industry experience as a modular home builder company. The company headquarter is located in Buena Vista, Colorado. Royalty Custom Homes features the industry’s best modular products of KanBuild and serves Colorado and northern New Mexico. Royalty Custom is the proud builder and provider of custom modular single family homes and log homes. They also have a multi-family homes and commercial buildings division.
They have quality building process and large selection of customizable building plans that allow you to be your own architect and interior designer. Once you have an idea of all that Royalty Custom Homes has to offer, they give confidence to become an informed buyer. Royalty Custom Homes provides a simpler process, easier financing, and important cost savings over site built homes.
Their homes are installed on custom built foundations and not with trailer skirts. The company’s factory built, custom ordered, site finished, and far exceed their HUD, the department of housing urban development standards. Even custom site-built, homes do not compare to the factory built industry's standards. Royalty Custom Homes offers their services and the Real Estate Investment Opportunities to interested investors. Their investment will exceed the return on a certificate of deposit or money deposited in a savings account, as well as offers a more stable, reliable investment than the stock market.
Royalty Custom Homes are constructed in accordance with Kan Build's Base specifications for Houses, which are described herein. Many other optional or upgrade items are available and not described herein. Their homes are built to superior standards, exceeding the home building industry's best UBC, the uniform building code.

Their commitment to excellent quality of service and competitive pricing has been the key to their success. The company promises for customer satisfaction and succeed in every aspect. They emphasize on providing quality brand products, comfortable living spaces, and attention to excellent values. They provide best services and living designs, which are efficient, attractive and economical. They also allocate the desire to excel and become renowned global organizations.

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