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Bonneville Homes

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Modular homes are built in a factory under controlled, constant and an ideal environment which favors high productivity that replicates cost savings. Bonneville Homes is a Canada based operated and family owned company which manufactures modular homes. The company normally operates as an installer, manufacturer and transporter of the components to promise a well-organized co-ordination.
In Bonneville Homes the mainstream of the machinery are installed. As the units are built they are transported to the site for installation on foundations to shape the fundamental building element. At the site the further work is done which includes construction of foundations, excavation, outer facing end, assembling of manufactured modules, floor-coverings, plumbing and mechanical connections, roof completion and dry wall painting and taping.

The company prides itself to serve and produce the finest of Canadian excellence using American technology. It meticulously engineers and designs homes along with a fine lagging for the final in power efficiency. All manufactured homes for the United States market are examined by a third party bureau to assure acquiescence with different state codes.

The work is carried on whole year long in Bonneville Homes that permits versatility and a well-organized scheduling of working timetable. The company’s scheme of construction allows the length of work time to become shorter and the owners to profit from the construction vocation. Accordingly, the effects decipher into noteworthy monetary savings and also a prior return on savings.
Bonneville Homes is ready to fulfill every requirement of a starving homebuyer such as affordable design, quality and durability. The factory built house of the company is the future house and the company is ready for the subsequent millennium.

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