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Newton North

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High school is a name used in some parts of the world, and particularly in North America, to describe the last segment of compulsory secondary education. It is preceded by primary education. High school is also the name used to describe the institution in which the final stage of compulsory education takes place. In the United States, high schools generally consist of grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, although the inclusion of grade 9 varies by school district.
It is located in the village of Newtonville. Newton North is one of Massachusetts' leading high schools. The school offers classes ranging from regular academic courses to technical and vocational training. Non-standard courses range from video production to architecture to automobile repair. However, budgetary constraints have led to the cutting of certain electives in recent years. It currently holds the 18th position on Boston Magazine's annual rankings of high schools.
Newton North competes in the Bay State league with other suburban Boston public schools. The boys lacrosse team won 3 state championships from the years 1992-1996, ranking as one of the top teams in the country. The boy's soccer team played in the state finals in 2001. The boys' indoor track team won the state championship for 2001-2002. In 2004-2005, the team won a triple crown taking the cross country, indoor, and outdoor state titles. The Newton North girl's indoor track team won the state title as well.
Each year, a number of productions are directed by students. In addition, the school has an improvisation troupe called Spontaneous Generation. The current producer of Theatre Ink is Adam Brown and the current technical designer is Michael Barrington-Haber. The Newton North High School community believes that learning sustains the human spirit. They strive for excellence in academic, vocational, athletic and artistic endeavors. They celebrate the dignity of all people, teach and learn to the depth and distance of their abilities, take responsibility for their actions and conduct themselves with integrity and civility.
Recognizing that they are a small world within a much larger one, they create opportunities for open-minded, honest communication about the broad range of human experience to foster social awareness, generosity and compassion. Newton North High School provides all members of the community with the opportunity and freedom to discover and reach their potential as individuals while taking responsibility for the common good.

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