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Weston High School

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High school is a name used in some parts of the world, and particularly in North America, to describe the last segment of compulsory secondary education. It is preceded by primary education. High school is also the name used to describe the institution in which the final stage of compulsory education takes place. In the United States, high schools generally consist of grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, although the inclusion of grade 9 varies by school district.
Weston High School is a public college preparatory high school in Weston, Connecticut. It opened in 1968 as Weston's first and only high school public or private the school exceeded the expectations of its founders by proving to be an institution that provided a high quality education to its students, as evidenced by a variety of data, college placements, college acceptance rates, college enrollment rates. The current principal is Rose Marie Cipriano. Mrs. Karen Rezendes is the Assistant Principal of the school.
Weston schools are organized into 3 buildings. The Elementary school has 3 wings, a core building and houses grades Pre-K through 4. The Middle School also has 4 wings around a core facility and houses grades 5 to 8. Each grade is assigned to one wing of the school. The High School houses grades 9 through 12. The school offers many programs, such as track and field, wrestling, swimming, diving, basketball, and other sports typical of high schools. The School's mascot, for sporting purposes and otherwise, is a warrior dressed in ancient roman style armor, known officially as the Trojan.
One of the strongest teams at Weston High School is the Boys Soccer Team. In 2005, they won the Class M State Championship and were SWC tournament semi-finalists under Coach Mark Berkowitz. In 2006 the team made a strong return by beating powerhouse teams such as Newtown High School, Connecticut and New Canaan High School, Connecticut. The Trojans were recently knocked out of the 2006 SWC Tournament and 2006 Class M State Tournament in the first round.

The mission of the Weston High School Professional Development Committee is to build a learning community by strengthening the capacity of the professional staff to instruct and mentor students in ways that lead to meaningful understanding.

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