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San Diego High School

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High school is a name used in some parts of the world, and particularly in North America, to describe the last segment of compulsory secondary education. It is preceded by primary education. High school is also the name used to describe the institution in which the final stage of compulsory education takes place. In the United States, high schools generally consist of grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, although the inclusion of grade 9 varies by school district.
San Diego High School is a top high school situated in the United States. San Diego High School, located in Downtown San Diego's East Village, was established in 1882 by Joseph Russ. San Diego High School is the oldest high school in California still on the original site. The school mascot is the Cavers, and the colors are blue and white. The school has gone through numerous facelifts, from that of the old eight-room building, to the Grey Castle to its contemporary building complex today constructed in 1976. Among the remnants of the old San Diego High campus are the 500 building, the 600 building, the 700 building, the large planter in front of the school created from gargoyles that used to adorn the exterior of the old Russ Auditorium, and a water fountain that used to be in the old 100 building's main courtyard.
The school’s Balboa Stadium, once with a seating capacity of 34,000, was the original home of the San Diego Chargers when they first moved to San Diego in 1961. In 2004, San Diego High School was transformed into the San Diego High Educational Complex. In order to raise test scores and give students more personal attention, the school was divided into six smaller schools. Sports teams and school organizations are still open to the entire complex.
San Diego High has three magnet programs, designed to attract students from other areas of the district. International Baccalaureate, housed in the school of International Studies, provides a rigorous curriculum for which students can earn college credit. The Writing Academy emphasizes writing skills in all subjects, and the Language Immersion program helps students to learn Spanish or French.

In May 2006, Newsweek magazine ranked 1,200 public high schools in the U.S. and named San Diego High’s International Studies school  number 22, making it the highest ranking in San Diego County and the second highest in the state of California.

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