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King Drew Medical Magnet School

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King Drew Magnet High School began as a medical magnet high school to meet the needs of the under-represented young people with an interest in medicine and science.  The hospital program is one of the first in the district, was the focus of the magnet program. J. Michelle Woods is the Principal. Students were encouraged through exposure to the numerous clinical units and research labs at Charles R. Drew University and the King Drew Medical Center to pursue a career in medicine or science and then return to serve their communities. With a population of 220 students in grades 10 through 12, King Drew students were assigned to a clinical research site five hours a day, one day a week. The program thrived and additional sites were established at CSU, Colorado State University, Los Angeles, CSU, Dominquez Hills and UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles as well as community outpatient clinics. As the school grew academically, adding honors and AP, Advanced Placements classes, its reputation for achievement in scientific research.
King Drew offers a diverse curriculum in the fields of math and science beyond the basic Los Angeles Unified School District requirements. About sport which includes Boy's Basketball Softball, Girl's Basketball, Boy's Volleyball, Soccer, Girl's Volleyball. King Drew is a place where students pursue learning and attain their goals in an atmosphere of respect, support, encouragement, nurturance, guidance, and high expectations. King Drew students have traditionally supported these efforts by living up to the highest academic and personal standards.
King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science’s college preparatory program emphasizes scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and effective communication. They extend their classrooms into a larger world by offering experience-based learning in hospital, research laboratories, and community clinic settings, while at the same time introducing their students to the rigors of math, social studies, and science project competitions.
King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science cultivate life-long learners who communicate effectively, think critically, and see themselves as citizens of a world community.

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