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Dana Hills

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DHHS, Dana Hills High School is a high school in Dana Point, California. It is one of the oldest high schools in South Orange County, having opened in 1972. Its relatively large enrollment of 3,000 is drawn from the nearby communities of Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano. Dr. Nye is the principal for the school.
One of four high schools in the second fastest growing school district in California, the CUSD, Capistrano Unified School District. Less than one mile from the Pacific Ocean, this school of over 2,500 students serves several small communities some old, like San Juan Capistrano which grew around its mission and some new, like Dana Point and Laguna Niguel which have burgeoned in the last three decades, drawing young families to new ground and fresh salt air.
Completed in 1973, Dana Hills High School was the second high school built in the District.  It was named after Dana Point, which in turn was named after Richard Henry Dana. Leaving behind the long established San Clemente High, teachers came there motivated by a spirit of adventure, looking to fashion a new kind of school. DHHS was designed and built around a large, open indoor area, the mall, to foster a sense of community. Their school's emphasis on serving the entire student body involves a clearly articulated core curriculum, challenging course work, a strong co-curricular program, athletics and active student involvement in their own learning. Their school is a busy place, full of rushing and roaring, but complete with quiet eddies as well. Students find their niches and zones, safe places where they can flourish.
Dana Hills High School was ranked by Newsweek magazine as among the best high schools in America for 2005. Dana was ranked in the top 2 percent. Dana was  number 512 out of 27, 468 high schools across America. They have altered their teaching strategies, expanded the limited English proficiency programs to address the growing numbers of limited English proficient students, embraced the special education students and mainstreamed them wherever possible with instituted advisement days to facilitate student transition from one core class to another and increased the number of student clubs.
The mission of Dana Hills High School is to provide high standards; a safe, stimulating, and creative learning environment; a respect for diversity and an emphasis on self esteem, life skills personal accountability, and problem solving in collaboration with its parents and its community.

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