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Eagle Rock

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ERHS, Eagle Rock High School is located just a few minutes north of the Los Angeles Civic Center. It is convenient to the Pasadena, Glendale, Golden State, and Ventura Freeways. This central location makes it possible for students from all parts of the District to attend using the bus transportation provided by the District's voluntary integration program. The Magnet Center serves grades 7 to 9 and is on the campus of Eagle Rock High School, which serves 7th through 12th grade. This campus is also immediately adjacent to Occidental College, a liberal arts college with high academic standards.
Eagle Rock has always ranked high among Los Angeles City schools in the quality of its faculty and in the achievements of its students. Nearly 90 percent of its graduates are going on to college or technical education, probably the highest percentage in the history of the school. And these students are not only successful in the classroom, they are maintaining the ERHS traditions of excellence in choral and instrumental music, community involvement and in producing winning athletic teams, both male and female. Longtime ERHS traditions continue, the senior class still selects a name which they feel typifies their aspirations, a student designed class plaque is still emplaced in front of the auditorium and the class still graduates at the Occidental College Hillside Theatre, less formally but more affordably now in caps and gowns.

ERHS is a learning community whose mission is to foster an environment that promotes the growth of self-motivated, self-sufficient and self-directed learners who become contributing members of society using critical thinking skills and creative and innovative problem-solving skills in their complex world. The ERHS educational community is accountable for rigorous standards-based curricula, a safe, well-maintained learning environment and a climate of respect for self and others. Their community is committed to civic and academic excellence for all students.

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