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Timber Brook Villages

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Timber Brook Villages is the latest project by Newmark which provides homes with two brand names. These are Newmark and Fredrick, Harris Estate Homes. They vary in their locations, cost, size and level of modification. Normally, Newmark homes range in size from 1,700 square feet to over 4,500 square feet, with a typical price of 280,000 dollars. Fredrick, Harris Estate Homes offers a greater degree of customization and usually vary in size from 3,500 square feet to more than 7,000 square feet. The average price of these homes is 480,000 dollars
These companies enable their customer to browse through newly built homes or read-to-build plans and request instant brochures on their preferences for homes and offices kind of requirements. Customers at home community centers have varied choosing options before finalizing any purchase decision such as Compare pictures, pricing factors and amenities view etc. These communities also provide helpful information about the new home builders in the city and the real estate market of the city.

It provides a floor plan called Houston. In this plan, they have a total area of 1,460 square feet. These homes have a single floor, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 garages. The cost of this home is 189,000 dollars. The second plan is Sierra II with an area of 1,712 square feet. It has a single floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 garages. The cost of this home plan is 199,000 dollars. In upper ranges they offer a plan called Hemingway II. This plan includes an area of 2,333 Square Feet, 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 garages. The cost of this home is 226,000 dollars. The plan called Catalina II has the total area of 2,406 Square Feet, 2 floor, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a single garage. The price of this home is 228,000 dollars.

The company is dedicated to show the customers, outstanding service after they start living in the home. For more than 2 decades, Newmark Homes is inviting individuals and families, to start communities, setting design patterns and increasing the attachment with their customers. They are portrayed as futurists by the builder magazine and they have won prizes for design, creation and customer support.

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