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Tall Oaks Homes

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Tall Oaks Homes was established in 1964 and is a division of Howard and Reece Investments. Their efforts are to provide affordable housing to rural communities in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. It is a non profit organization committed to advancing energy competence in housing. The company provides information through its energy ratings to participants in the housing industry. The company understands the diverse concerns of each group in respect to energy efficiency and its interrelation with factors such as comfort, construction schedules, environmental issues, home value and cost concerns.
Modular homes are built in factories and benefit from the meeting line production process. The factories purchase in such large volumes and therefore save around 25 percent on building materials.  Instead of the onsite labor at approximately 22 percent per hour, they locate in areas that they can obtain 12 percent per hour labor in a more supervised environment. Since 1964, their customer is their most valuable representative and asset. Their future permanence depends on how well they serve, not how well they sell.

Modular homes are built in a modern controlled environment and they are accuracy engineered for structural durability. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction process. To insure a safe and secure trip to your property, modular homes are built especially well, using high quality materials.

Additional factory precision and insulation building techniques make the modular house a super efficient energy conservation home. In addition, of course this cost saving lasts every year you are living in the house. Double pane energy window systems with surround seals are the latest in energy conservation.  These are vinyl and do not have to be painted and repeal water to avoid determination.

Your home is warranted to be free of substantial defects in workmanship and materials. The first year factory warranty extends to the first retail purchaser and begins on the date of the initial installation at the home site. Warranty service is available at no cost to the homeowner for defects reported within the prescribed warranty period described here.

The Company remains a family business with the same simple philosophy; treat their customers as they would desire to be treated and they will become their best sales people. The Company has developed a reputation for excellence. With a broad variety of services and depth of in-house expertise, their goal is to become your building partner.

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