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Sureline Design Homes

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Modular homes are built in indoor sections, where they are never subjected to bad weather conditions. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, joined, and completed by your local builder. The sections move through the factory, with quality control checking them after each and every step. Finished modules are covered for protection and then transported to your site.
Sureline Design Homes is a non profit organization committed to advancing energy competence in housing. The company provides information through its energy ratings to participants in the housing industry. This includes homeowners and homebuyers, home energy raters, code officials, builders, utilities and real estate professionals. The company understands the diverse concerns of each group in respect to energy efficiency and its interrelation with factors such as construction schedules, comfort, environmental issues, cost concerns and home value.
Sureline Design offers quality built modular homes at competitive prices. This company is partnered with New England Homes and Customized Structures. Their design center provides you with numerous design options. You can choose from a huge array of standard features to a full custom design selection. Most insurance companies, banks and appraisers treat modular homes the same way they do site-built homes.
Construction costs for a modular home are sometimes less per square foot than for a similar site-built home. There are other cost saving features, most modular homes are very energy competent, which helps to reduce your cooling and heating costs. Your home will probably be ready to move into much sooner than if you wait for a builder to construct a house on site, thus you can save your money on your construction interest payments.
Some modular homes can be built in the factory in as little as one to two weeks. In addition, there is never a weather delay, since modular homes are built indoors. It usually takes another two to four weeks to attach the utilities and complete the home.
Modular home manufacturers use computer aided design programs to draw plans to your specifications or to modify one of their standard plans to suit your needs, so nearly any plan can be turned into a modular home. Taking this flexible and creative approach allows them to win mainly high demanding contracts, while at the same time completing them with uncompromising quality.

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