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Spirit Modular Cabins

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Spirit Cabins is a division of Spirit Elements Inc. and is a luxury lifestyle company keen to helping communities, individuals and families find meaning in life through products that connect, inspire and fulfill. It is a Colorado non profit organization committed to advancing energy efficiency in housing. To meet this objective, E-Star partners, supports, and provides information through its energy ratings to participants in the housing industry.
Spirit Cabins can be customized as your retirement home, hunting cabin, vacation getaway, lakeside cottage, guest house, children's bunkhouse, primary residence or any think that you want. Additionally, they can be easily adapted for commercial applications such as bunk house, meeting hall, retail space, office, concession building and pool house.
All of their cabins are built upon your individualized specifications, using only the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics. Their customers agree that their commitment to customer service is unparalleled. From planning and permitting through delivery, set up and final finishing, you can rest assured that they will assist you every step of the way.
Modular homes are built in a modern, climate controlled factory are designed and constructed to a state or national model code and are manufactured in one or more sections for installation on a permanent foundation at their final location. When completed, they look exactly like a site built home, using the same mortgage financing and increases in value exactly like a site built home.
The advantages of Modular are traditional financing, on time completion, cost savings, time savings, predictable costs, quality control, controlled environment and strength. Spirit Cabins will provide you with all drawings and specifications required by your building authorities.
Their unique modular construction is designed to be placed on any type of permanent foundation and their smaller cabins can be simply placed on a gravel foundation, subject to local code. Building permits control the type of construction allowed in your area and helps to make sure building standards are met and that new construction initiatives are conducted in a safe fashion.
Modular homes are considered real property and are financed the same as site built homes, generally with a construction loan that converts to a traditional mortgage. Most lenders will also wrap the cost of the land into the finance package.
The company is a quality contractor which means they guarantee uncompromised quality on every project. Their team accepts nothing less than the highest in building safety standards.

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