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Shamrock Homes

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Shamrock Homes is primarily a modular home company. The company is located in Plymouth, Indiana. Shamrock Homes is a quality custom builder with over 35 years of experience in the manufactured housing industry. The company understands the diverse concerns of each group in respect to energy efficiency and its interrelation with factors such as comfort, construction schedules, environmental issues, home value and cost concerns.
Shamrock Homes desires to make homeownership more logical and easier to complete. Higher energy competence associates with higher quality, another homeowner benefit. At the level of the local economy, they follows their aims by supporting the business community that includes helping to create higher quality, energy efficient homes, as well as sell and finance them. This includes the builders, real estate professionals, raters, code officials, and utilities.
The company helps builders differentiate themselves in the market, adding income while promoting job growth for more knowledgeable and higher quality workers in this sector. They contribute to better use of national resources without sacrifices in quality of life or standard of living. At the global level, their efforts result in less burning of fossil fuels, which destruct the environment and decrease air quality. The company’s environmental impact spans from the air in an individual home contributing to decreased pollution in the world at large.
They offer code officials with a wealth of resources about building science issues, energy codes and advancements in energy efficiency. The company’s industry experts are available to help building departments throughout the process of adopting, implementing, and enforcing energy codes as well as understanding how a program can support the work of code officials.
Taking this flexible and creative approach allows them to win mainly highly demanding contracts, while at the same time completing them with uncompromising quality.

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