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Pro-tech Custom Modular Homes

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Pro-tech Custom Modular Homes provides modular homes in Vineland, New Jersey. The company offers various modular homes such as ranch styles, cape cod styles and two-story styles.  
Modular homes are built in indoor sections, where they are never subjected to bad weather conditions. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, joined and completed by your local builder. The sections move through the factory, with quality control checking them after each and every step. Finished modules are covered for protection and then transported to your site.  A traditional modular home will use considerably more lumber, up to 30 percent more than a home stick built on site. Modular sections must be stronger because of transportation from the factory to the building site, because every section will be lifted by a crane from the carrier and placed on the foundation.
At Pro-tech Custom Modular Homes, their floor and wall systems are power nailed and glued on jigs. This construction method is much faster than conventional and it ensures that everything is square. Their exterior walls are two by six constructions for added strength. Their ceiling drywall is installed using expandable foam. The foam offers better adhesion and is stronger than nails and screws. Their home is constructed in ideal conditions regardless of weather. Damage due to vandalism and weather is reduced because your unfinished home is less exposed during construction.
They construct everything from the modest ranch to elegant two-story homes. They provide hundreds of floor plans and each of these plans is designed to meet customer needs. Everyone is unique and they believe that customer should get their home in the way they want it.

Pro-tech Custom Modular Homes offer best services and living designs, which are efficient, attractive and economical. The company assures the best quality material through any certifying authority desired by the customer. They have always paid full attention to their clients' requirement.

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