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Handcrafted Homes

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Modular homes are built in sections indoors, where they are never subjected to bad weather conditions. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, joined, and completed by your local builder. The sections move through the factory, with quality control checking them after each and every step. Finished modules are covered for protection and then transported to your site.
Handcrafted Homes was established in 1998 and is located at Henderson, North Carolina. It is a leading residential and commercial real estate developer with properties throughout the Southeast. The company has set standards in the modular home industry. They use the latest technology to create unique building methods. They combine skilled craftsmanship with continuous, multi-layered quality-assurance inspections to ensure delivery of homes with no imperfections. It’s their constant pledge to give both buyers and builders a faster, better quality, more economical and just plain better alternative in home construction.

Their modular homes are more energy efficient than any home constructed on site. Their factory controlled environment enables them to construct homes from the inside out. Drywall seams, outlet joints and other openings are sealed airtight before enclosing them in the outer walls. You will certainly enjoy the savings with every energy bill.
Modular or off-site, construction takes place in a controlled factory environment. Delays and cost overruns are not an issue bothering them. Construction is no longer impeded by weather, contractor no shows or missing materials. Through improved efficiency and state of the art technology, your home is typically ready for move in within four to eight weeks from being set onto the foundation, compared to six months to a year with on site construction.

Greater control over the construction process also means superior quality assurance. Your home is thoroughly inspected during every phase of construction to make sure that it meets the highest standards. They assure the best quality material through any certifying authority desired by the customer. They have always paid undivided attention to their clients' requirement.

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