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Castle Modular Homes

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Castle Modular Homes was founded by Kathy and Mark Nogueira and is located in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Mark has wide experience in design and construction of commercial and residential properties. His unique experience in this arena gives him the ability to plan and complete construction projects with exacting detail and accuracy. Kathy extensive experience is in real estate sales, customer service and management. Together, Mark and Kathy's skills bring to the customer the most well rounded team and the teams that will make their dream house a reality, successfully, pleasantly and competently.
Modular homes are built in sections indoors, where they are never subjected to bad weather conditions. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, joined and completed by your local builder. The sections are moved through the factory, with quality control check after each and every step. Finished modules are covered for protection and then transported to your site.
A traditional modular home will use considerably more lumber, up to 30 percent more than a home stick built on site. Modular sections must be stronger because of transportation from the factory to the building site, because each section will be lifted by a crane from the carrier and placed on the foundation. Professional Building Systems, Inc. builds a double band joist around each module so that it can support the transference. In all two story homes they construct an independent second floor system, which is essential to hold the upper modules. Because of this additional floor system, modular two story homes are approximately one foot taller than their stick built counterparts.
The company has set high standards for the manufacturer of the homes they provide, the quality of the various systems within the house and the features that they believe are necessary to understand to the homebuyer. Castle Modular Homes is committed to give their customer a high quality at comfortable price. They work with each customer to develop a home that best suits their lifestyle at a price that meets their budget.
Their goal is to make your new home experience worry free and the team continues to deliver what home buyers are looking for in their new homes along with the quality construction.

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