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New Era Building Systems Inc.

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New Era Building Systems, Inc was founded in 1992 by Elliot Fabri. New Era is a member of the champion family of home builders. They will forge onward and continue to be one of the most dynamic modular manufacturers in the country. They constantly try hard to make the best home with the technology, best materials and craftsmanship in the industry.

At New Era they are known in the industry for being an experienced team. They have so much experience under their belt and a constant eye on the future, the New Era team will continue to come out as the leader in the modular industry for years to come. The company is a world class company where continued growth, stability and a quality built product are expected. 

The company is dedicated to ensuring that every New Era home welcomes the family with style, comfort and fashion to a new way of living, living the New Era Lifestyle.  They look forward to building your dream and invite you to join their ever growing family of satisfied customers that live the New Era Lifestyle everyday.

Modular homes are built up to 20 percent stronger than a traditional stick built home, because modular homes have to withstand transportation. Their homes are built to the same building codes as a conventional stick built home. This means that your home will meet all the codes required for inspection. Modular homes can be finished in about one third the time of a stick built home, as they can build in any weather. Once your home is completed here at their factory and shipped, it can be typically set and finished in a matter of four to eight weeks. 

Their open business approach and free flowing communication with the project team guarantees a successfully completed project each time. They provide a comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy. A lifestyle of comfort, elegance, and style, that's the New Era lifestyle.

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