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The Prices of Modular Homes- Are they to good to be true

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   If you do some research into modular homes you will see that you can get the same size house and all the same amenities and will cost less. Why? Modular home are so low because of the method of building. They are assembled in sections in a climate-controlled clean factory. Also, because they are ordered to specifications in advance the manufacturers can order exactly what they will need to make the sections. Being ordered in advance also allows the manufacturers to order the materials for several homes at the same time. This allow them to get discounted prices for ordering in bulk

   And because the materials and the construction is done in a factory, there is less risk of damage from the weather that most traditional built home can see. The materials also are cut by computer controlled machines to allow for a more precise cut, this also cuts done on wasted materials. Both of these help to keep the prices of a modular home down.

   The sections of a modular home are also fit together on assembly lines, this cuts down on actual labor costs. This helps in the manufacturing costs and produces lower home prices. The wiring, insulation, and plumbing are down in the manufacturing process, so the price of having an electrician or plumber has greatly decreased. The only thing that an electrician or a plumber will have to do is when house is delivered to a building is connect the source of water and electricity.

   When a modular home is completed, it is delivered to the building site and crane lifted onto a foundation that has been dug and poured in advance. The house is then secured by fasteners that are on the lower half of the home to the fasteners that are on the foundation. The upper half of the house is then lifted into place by a crane, the houses sections are so precisely cute that they fit together seamlessly. The homes are also completed in a matter of weeks, further lowering prices. From the time a modular home is ordered to the time the owners move in these homes are designed to cost less.

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